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Karısını aldatan bir adamın bu eylemini öğrenen karısı, cinsel organını kesmek ister. Fakat evde onu bulamayınca oğluna bu cezayı verir. Bu durumu kendi suçu olarak gören baba da harekete geçer. Günün birinde eve geri dönen anne, oğluna yaptığı bu işin sorumluluğunu ve pişmanlığını üstlenir. Oğlunun cinsel hayatı yine onun ellerindedir.
Kim-Ki Duk’un son ve çok tartışmalı olan filminde çok az sayıda diyalog bulunuyor. Aile içi bir cinsel döngünün farklı yorumlara yol açtığı ve oldukça sıradışı bulunan film

I wanted to write a review so as to somehow share what I just have seen with someone (anyone). Even if it’s just my text being passed on to you the apprehensive reader.

As what happens in Moebius, stays in Moebius & I wont be able to share this over the coffee machine at work tomorrow.

I’ve see some weird movies (swedish, french, Japanese, south American etc etc…). I didn’t think I could be made to turn from the screen & put my hands over my eyes anymore. However “Ki-duk Kim” writer/director reached deep into that dark space within his twisted soul and pulled this bad boy up for all to ponder.

So lets get serious! It’s not the rape, violence & dark nature of this movie that you haven’t seen before. It’s the haunting way all it’s been put together. The reason why you’ll keep watching is as far as art concerned, the director & the actors do a wonderful performance in portraying this darker than twisted narrative. In fact if they didn’t perform it so well, you wouldn’t be able to watch.

Minus a musical score or any verbal communication, every sound you hear, affects the hairs on the back of your neck. It’s not a horror, however you get that cold feeling as your eyes take in it all in.

The movie isn’t all gore and shock throughout. There are genuine moments of tenderness when father and son come together, bonding due to the tragedy of it all. Guilt and forgiveness are exchanged within a moments glance and you feel warm as you predict the Hollywood style happy ending. Boy meets girl and again the eyes exchange their words.

I’d like to tell you more, however I struggle to describe the journey ahead without giving it all away.

You’ll be adding this to your list. A well told and chair pinning watch. However I won’t be watching it again anytime soon.

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